Animals in the Toilet

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Animals in the Toilet

According to a report on the rat population in Seattle, Washington, 2010 may be the “year of the rat” because of the mild weather of the past winter. This video report describes the problem but also offers suggestions to keep the rats out of your toilet.

There have always been stories of creatures found in our sewers, but alligators and snakes in the sewers are just an urban legend… aren’t they? This alligator on the left was discovered in a sewer in Mississippi during the effort to assess and clean the main sewer following Hurricane Katrina in the Fall of 2005. A Florida Power & Light crew putting in lines for an addition to the Orlando International Airport found the nest of 87 snakes in a culvert they were using. Visit Sewerhistorg for more on these and other similar stories.

Alligator Legends

ACCORDING TO the legend, New Yorkers purchased the alligators while vacationing in Florida, intending them as cute little pets for their apartments back home. When the animals grew too large and too menacing, they were summarily flushed down the toilet and into the sewer system, where they grew even larger by feasting on rats and raw sewage. After years of breeding in this dark, sunless world, blind and albino alligators eventually were produced. From “Sewergators in the News”.

Youths Shoveling Snow Into Manhole See the Animal Churning in Icy Water.

From The New York Times, February 10, 1935: Reptile Slain by Rescuers … The youthful residents of East 123d Street, near the murky Harlem River, were having a rather grand time at dusk yesterday shoveling the last of the recent snow into a gaping manhole. Salvatore Condulucci, 16 years old, of 419 East 123d Street, was assigned to the rim. His comrades would heap blackened slush near him, and he, carefully observing the sewer’s capacity, would give the last fine flick to each mound. Suddenly there were signs of clogging ten feet below, where the manhole drop merged with the dark conduit leading to the river. Salvatore yelled:

“Hey, you guys, wait a minute,” and got down on his knees to see what was the trouble. What he saw, in the thickening dusk, almost caused him to topple into the icy cavern. For the jagged surface of the ice blockade below was moving; and something black was breaking through. Salvatore’s eyes widened; then he managed to leap to his feet and call his friends. “Honest, it’s an alligator!” he exploded.

Aftenpolten, Norway: A three-year-old boy got the fright of his life on a trip to the toilet on Wednesday. The youngster was lucky that his mother had come along to open and raise the toilet seat. The startled woman found a carnivorous teju, or tegus, a large black and yellow South American lizard, lurking there newspaper Bergensavisen reports.

Frogs Clog Up Toilets!

Frogs have been blamed for blocking up public toilets in New South Wales. They were discovered in the cisterns of toilets at Bodalla Oval sitting on the flaps that let the units refill. The toilets had only been working intermittently and no one knew why. Inspectors from Eurobodalla Shire Council found the source of the problem.

The council’s works and facilities committee chairman Keith Dance told ABC News Online it will now be taking some “frog-friendly” measures to discourage the creatures from making their homes in the toilets. He says the remedy would probably be as simple as flyscreen or netting placed across the top of the cisterns to stop the frogs getting in. Mr Dance says no frogs will be harmed in the process. … … Story filed: 12:37 Friday 5th April 2002 by Ananova

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