Top 10 Women Fitness Heaven

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Top 10 Women Fitness Heaven

If you want to stay fit and have long term gains, the daily health brings the top ten boutique gyms which are necessary for you to join. They have all the accessories and equipment with personalized training available just for you. Below is the list of top 10 women gyms’ you should access.

  1. Flow Athletic

It is built like a modern warehouse with great interiors. Yoga specialist Kim Kendall and fitness director Ben Lucas both run this amazing gym. They have out in years of their hard work at one platform that is the flow athletic.

  1. iTrain Fitness

It is a result oriented gym which works for every fitness goal to achieve. This gym has been keeping people of Australia healthy and active since 2010.

  1. KX Pilates

Aaron the owner of KX Pilates is an excellent fitness marshal who works with his team to achieve fitness goals of his gym members. Moreover, he has introduced his own twist to the Pilates which he practices here for huge results.

  1. Crew

Crew is located in the eastern side of suburbs of Australia. It is driven by Mike the founder of Crew, who was passionate about both rugby and rowing. Finally after ten years playing rugby, he eventually came back to his old passion for rowing. His gym is centered on different exercises and workouts related to rowing.

  1. E Dept

It is highly focused gym located in Sydney. It has undergone several major changes under the new management of Evan and Veronica. Evan had himself immersed within the Industry of fitness of Australia. While Veronica is long time runner and is now working hard to train others to meet their fitness goals.

  1. Cross Fit Infinitum

It was founded by Smith, who himself had a hard time keeping up with his fitness goals. So this gym can be an actual road to recovery for fitness and health issues. As Smith himself is quite aware of the troubles one faces when not keeping themselves maintained.

  1. Centennial Health Club

Andrew B. is the founder of centennial health club. He himself had been a professional swimmer and this had given him the chance to pack his bags and travel the world. He has worked with some of the world renowned gyms in Dublin and Dubai. He has brought that driven passion to share with others in Australia.

  1. 98 Riley Street Gym

It is owned by Chris who had played rugby for eleven years of his life in the UK. He had the chance to work his way into fitness and bring forth the passion all the way to Australia. It is a private gym with some of the best instructors.

  1. Temple Gym

It is run by a team of duo; a husband and wife. It is located in the Gold Coast and is centered to helping everyone out their working on their specific fitness needs. This is a personalized gym which is very populated. So here you can get the best mentoring and training under the team.

  1. 5th Element Wellness

The founders are named Mathew Hoo and David. Hoo believed that many people failed to accomplish their targeted weight even after joining a gym. So they focus on quality training and fitness goals which they make sure their members accomplish.

The list above includes both co and only women gym. Though special classes are given which focuses on women only gym. These also include special training sessions and gyms owned and run by women. Furthermore, there are female instructors to work and target the needs to achieve the fitness goals of women.

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